Parking Lot Striping

Is your parking lot costing you business? We’ve all been there. You drive into a poorly designed parking lot, and it feels frustrating or even dangerous. Perhaps the parking spots are really hard to get in and out of. Perhaps the parking lot layout makes you feel like you are going to run into somebody. Or perhaps the parking lot looks poorly maintained that you subconsciously question whether anything else about this business is also poorly maintained.

A parking lot is often the first impression a company, government facility, or shopping center makes on its potential customers. If your parking lot stripes are worn or the layout of your parking lot is not ideal for traffic flow, it may be time to get your parking lot restriped.

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Parking Lot Striping

Established in 2008, Mr. Line Stripe is the leader in eco-friendly parking lot striping. We utilize eco-friendly methods to pressure wash and restripe your parking lot. As a Certified Green Business, we ensure that not only all the environmental laws are followed during the job process, but also go one step further to reduce water usage by up to 98%.

Parking Garage Striping

Parking Garage Striping

Striping parking garages is a specialized job that comes with its unique set of challenges. Before applying the new stripes, pressure washing needs to be performed in order to properly prepare the garage surface. Many parking garages do not have water access, and the areas around the elevators are especially sensitive to water intrusion. It is also important to monitor the carbon monoxide level in the parking garage when heavy machinery is running to ensure the safety of all individuals present.

Mr. Line Stripe has extensive experience pressure washing and line striping parking garages. Some of our clients include regional malls and Fortune 500 companies. We bring the water we need for pressure washing, so no water access is needed from the client. We have special procedures to protect the sensitive areas of the parking garage such as areas near doors and elevators. We have extra safety equipment to monitor carbon monoxide levels and keep CO levels down during the work process. We also vacuum up the water used during the pressure washing process so your parking garage dries quickly and returns to normal operation as soon as possible.

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Whether your goal is to restripe your parking garage to create more parking spaces, redesign the traffic flow to increase customer satisfaction, or simply freshen up the worn stripes to convey a first-class brand image, Mr. Line Stripe can assist you with your line striping needs.

Fire Lane Painting

Over time, the red or yellow paint on the sidewalk curbs chip and fade. Every year, we work with numerous housing communities, homeowner and condo associations, apartment building owners, and commercial property managers to repaint their sidewalks and fire lanes. We provide multiple stencil and painting options including:

  • Visitor Parking
  • Assigned Parking
  • Reserved Area
  • Bike lanes
  • Pedestrian crosswalks
  • Custom ground painting applications
Fire Lane Painting
ADA Compliance

ADA Parking Compliance

Is your parking lot compliant with the latest requirements per the American Disability Act? This fact sheet shows the accessible parking space requirements at the federal level, and this fact sheet shows the requirements in Washington State.

Mr. Line Stripe can help you meet the latest requirements, paint the accessible parking spaces and accessible van spaces with the proper dimensions, and apply the International Symbol of Accessibility stencils.

Warehouse Striping

To increase the efficiency of your warehouse, optimize traffic flow, and minimize potential liability, the striping on your warehouse floor may need to be updated from time to time. It is essential that no-go zones, forklift truck areas, aisles, and pedestrian routes are clearly marked and the traffic flow properly designed.

Prior to applying the new stripes, old stripes may need to be removed and the warehouse floor pressure washed. Warehouses often contain sensitive materials that cannot get wet, and have no water access. Mr. Line Stripe has the ability to bring in our own water, allowing us to pressure wash areas with no access to water. In addition, our specialized pressure washing equipment look like vacuum cleaners rather than spray guns. Up to 98% of the water used during the pressure washing process is immediately vacuumed up, allowing the area to dry quickly. No splash or spray is created during the pressure washing process. We can accommodate your warehouse schedule to restripe the floor during off hours, minimizing any down time your warehouse may experience.

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Warehouse Striping

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