Established in 2008, Mr. Line Stripe is Puget Sound area’s leader in parking lot striping, fire lane painting, warehouse striping, and ADA parking compliance services. Clients choose Mr. Line Stripe for the following reasons:

Environmental compliance.

In order to make the line stripes last longer, the parking lot surface, sidewalk surface, or warehouse surface needs to be properly pressure washed and cleaned prior to painting the stripes. What many do not realize is that pressure washing is a dirty job. When pressure washers use a spray gun to spray the surface, oil, grime, and heavy metals get removed and often flow down the storm drain system, which feeds into Puget Sound. Not only is this against the law, it also hurts countless wildlife and kills salmon. Mr. Line Stripe specializes in eco-friendly pressure washing and line striping. Rather than using a spray gun, our pressure washing equipment looks more like a vacuum cleaner. The water used during the pressure washing process is immediately vacuumed up. The wastewater is hauled away to our company’s own waste treatment facility in Kent, WA to get treated. We guarantee that no wastewater will flow down the storm drain system to hurt our environment.

No water access required.

Many areas, including warehouses and parking lots, do not have water access. We bring our own water, allowing us to pressure wash areas with no access to water prior to applying the line stripes.

No spray or splash.

Since our pressure washing equipment look more like a vacuum than a spray gun, water does not get splashed everywhere during the pressure washing step. This is important especially for warehouses with sensitive items nearby and for areas near elevators in parking garages. Up to 98% of the water used during pressure washing is vacuumed up immediately, allowing the area to dry quickly to further minimize down time and slippage liability.

Safety and quality control.

To ensure safety and the highest-quality work, Mr. Line Stripe has one of the best workplace safety programs in the industry. Employees are trained regularly on safety protocols and client site regulations. We utilize multiple checklists as well as random quality control inspections to ensure all safety and quality control criteria are being met.

Support small business.

Our company is certified firm in the King County Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS) directory. In addition, we are a certified Minority / Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) and certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). When you choose Mr. Line Stripe, you are supporting a minority-owned and woman-owned small business.

Performance guarantee.

As a leading line striping company in Washington State, we fully stand behind our work and will schedule a prompt return visit to address any issues if the client is not dissatisfied with our work. Our clients include some of the biggest names including city governments, regional malls, and Fortune 500 companies. Contact us for a free quote today!